What happens when my liquor license isn't recognised?

There may be an issue with your license registration, please contact us and our local team will reach out and help resolve the problem promptly. 

How do I sign up multiple people to my account?

Currently only one email can be attached to each liquor license. If your venue has multiple members ordering, we’d recommend attaching a shared email to the service. 

I have more than one venue, can I split my order?

Orders cannot be split however multiple delivery addresses can be registered to the one account. This will enable different orders and quantities to be delivered to different businesses under the same license banner. For any additional requirements please contact us

What type of payment options are available?

Brown-Forman’s wholesale portal is set up to take payments through Visa & Mastercard. No card types will receive any additional fees. 

I can’t see your whole range?

Accounts are formatted to see Brown-Forman's entire core range (except RTDs at this stage). To see limited edition stock, contact us or your local Business Development Executive. 

Can I split cases?

All orders can contain split cases with no minimum order quantity. Discounts will be automatically activated if any stock is ordered in case quantity or above. 

What delivery time can I expect?

Delivery time from order entry

Sydney Metro

New South Wales Country

Canberra Metro

Melbourne Metro

Victoria Country

Brisbane Metro

Queensland Near Country

Queensland Far Country

Far North Queensland

up to 3 days

up to 4 days

up to 3 days

up to 5 days

up to 5 days

up to 4 days

3 to 5 days

3 to 6 days

5 to 13 days

Adelaide Metro

South Australia Country

Perth Metro

Western Australia Country

Far North Western Australia


Alice Springs

Darwin City

Northern Territory Other

up to 6 days

up to 6 days

6 to 9 days

6 to 9 days

8 to 10 days

6 to 10 days

7 to 10 days

4 to 7 days

up to 14 days

Please allow for up to an additional 2 days to be added to delivery timelines around peak holiday periods.

Contact us if express delivery is required on any order number.

How do I sign up a second venue/address?

Secondary delivery addresses can be created upon checkout. Please ensure you pick the correct address for each delivery, Brown Forman will not be responsible for incorrect addresses chosen 

Do I pay for shipping?

There can be a shipping costs on certain products for individual SKU orders. However, for case orders shipping will be free.